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Thank you for subscribing and a big, warm welcome to Ratwise. I’m sure you want to get stuck right into your membership benefits for this month. Weekly benefits are drip fed throughout the month, via your weekly email, but all monthly benefits are available throughout each month – so are released via email soon after you join.

If you join near the end of a month, you will only have until the end of that month to take advantage of the benefits and offers that we initially send out. However, you will receive a whole new set of benefits on the first of the month following; two for one, and all free for 31 days!

When you set up your PayPal subscription, your email address will automatically be added to the membership mailing list, so that you can receive your benefits via email. Please look out for an email asking you to confirm your subscription to the mailing list, because you will need to do this, before you can receive your information, products and offers. Details of these, for week one, will quickly follow! You can unsubscribe at anytime from this list via the footer at the bottom of each email, if you want to leave the membership.

Your membership is also administered through the Ratwise private (members only) facebook group. With that in mind, please come and join us as soon as possible – we would love to hear your ideas and views.

I hope you enjoy Ratwise, and I would be delighted to hear your thoughts.


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