The NEW Scuttling Gourmet

Front cover of The New Scuttling Gourmet

Amazing news! The New Scuttling Gourmet 432-page book is now available on TNSG,,, and several European Amazon marketplaces.

If you don’t have Amazon in your country please contact me and I will give you a quote for sending it direct. 

Want a digital PDF download? This costs £12.00 payable by PayPal. It’s a PDF of the entire book manuscript.


After being out of print for the last couple of years (thank you Covid, brain fog and bereavement) I have finally completed the rewrite.

And it is NEW.

  • A new approach and emphasis.
  • Acres of new content.
  • New priorities.
  • And a gorgeous new cover.

In fact, there’s so much *NEW* that I couldn’t just call it the 5th edition, so I changed the name. With a huge dollop of insight and creativity (who am I kidding?) I called it The New Scuttling Gourmet!


The NEW Scuttling Gourmet is available via Amazon at £21.99 (FBA – so postage included).

The Scuttling Gourmet
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 4 reviews
Brilliant reference material and great read

This book and it's previous issues address one of those books that I turn to again and again over the course of my rat keeping. Loads of information and a must for any one with any real interest in rat nutrition and entertainment.

Excellent Rat Diet Book

Higly recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn the shunamite diet priciples as well as many recipes and general nutrition information about rats. Definitely needed for the rattery bookshelf!

 by Lloyd Allington
A comprehensive, evidence based book on rat nutrition - a must have.

There is no book I would recommend more highly than the Scuttling Gourmet. Alison has decades of experience to back up the invaluable information she shares in this comprehensive guide to rat nutrition, yet still the entire book is written with thorough referencing and draws upon the experience of other rat keepers too.

This book will give you through understanding of the needs of your rats throughout their lives and inspire you to offer the best possible diet to your furry companions.

You will not regret your purchase - enjoy!

 by Katie Dorr
The Bible

When ever anyone mentions that they are thinking of getting a rat or rats, have just got rat or rats, have had rats for years... my first question is always “Do they have ratty friends.”
My next question is “Do you have a copy of The Scuttling Gourmet?”
It’s *THAT* essential!
I firmly believe that a good diet is crucial to rats welfare and happiness and The Scuttling Gourmet is the very best information there is.
Alison’s style is rooted in science and years of experience, but the book is easily understandable for a beginner too. She gives you easy, approachable ways to give your rats the balanced, enjoyable diet that they need; gives those of us who are a little more obsessive the knowledge and tools to create the perfect diet; gives feeding advice for every situation and all of it bundled up in common sense, enjoyable, engaging style. She makes feeding your rats fun, but most importantly every owner can benefit from this book; it is simply chock-full of advice that’ll make your rats healthier.
No gimmicks, just brilliant scientifically rooted knowledge.

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