But they rely on us to learn – and understand them.

 Ever wished that you could walk a day in your rat’s (tiny little) moccasins?
Now you can! Alison Campbell (author of The Scuttling Gourmet) brings you

Ratwise membership

New subscription membership exploring rat senses, behaviour, emotion, cognition, habitat, enrichment and nutrition.

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“The last two weeks have been the most amazing full of ideas weeks… I can’t see anyone who is open to the idea of improving their rats lives not absolutely loving the ratwise membership. The value is amazing, the recipe ideas are great, the whole concept is brilliant. I’m certainly looking forward to more…” Dreana BT
“I have really enjoyed the membership over the past couple of weeks – I’ve found it very helpful and interesting. After nearly 8 years of keeping rats, I’m still always learning and picking up little tips/improvements to my rat care.
Being a member here has given me so much more to think about and different ideas, making things more exciting for the rats…” Caryn P