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The Scuttling Gourmet
The Scuttling Gourmet 4th Edition

The fourth edition of The Scuttling Gourmet, published in 2015 by Shunamite Publishing, is a massive 324 pages. It includes a heavy gauge card cover in full colour and a central 8 page section of colour photographs. Its content reflects the snowballing of knowledge and changing practice in our approach to feeding pet rats, over the past 13 years.

The book is divided into 13 chapters, primarily based on the specific aims that we might have when feeding our rats.

The Scuttling Gourmet chapters are:
  1. General principles of rat nutrition
  2. Understanding ingredients: Part one – cereal grains
  3. Understanding ingredients: Part two – legumes, meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruit and herbs
  4. Commercially prepared mixes and reviews
  5. The Shunamite diet and other mixes
  6. Feeding for reproduction and growth
  7. Feeding for longevity, well-being and in old age
  8. Feeding for health: prevention and treatment
  9. Weight management
  10. Feeding for vitality and condition
  11. Feeding for pleasure, interest and enrichment
  12. Recipes
  13. Antinutrients and food to feed with caution

The book provides a comprehensive guide to wholesome nutrition for rats and includes such topics as calorie restriction, scatter feeding, specialised diets to help in the treatment of illness, the soya debate and dietary deficiencies. It contains quotations, anecdotes and information from many sources, as well as representing many hundreds of hours of my own research and reading into the subject – and it is well referenced throughout. There is an index to hopefully make information retrieval easier.

Finding your copy

The Scuttling Gourmet is available from Rat Rations and the NFRS, or I can post it out to you directly. The RRP is £12 and P&P is £3. I take payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Please feel free to email me for details.

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